Xbox 360 not updating from usb

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However, our Day One Edition Xbox One controller failed within a year as the micro-USB socket effectively wore out.

The only way it can used as a wired pad now is to hold the controller very, very still - and hope that the connection remains solid.

Additional customisation options are also available in PC's Xbox One accessories app too, allowing you to further refine the experience.

If Microsoft produced a pure, wired version of this pad, it would easily take pole position as our choice pick.

Additional underside paddles can be remapped to buttons for more intuitive reloads or gear-shifts, and again, the feel of the materials here is unsurpassed.

Triggers stops are a nice feature too - reducing the travel and range of the analogue triggers and allowing you to fire more quickly in FPS titles, for example.

Input Mapper does a great job in translating across all of the analogue and digital interfaces on the Dual Shock 4 and the tool itself offers a lot of customisation options.However, it's still using standard AA batteries for wireless functionality, wired connection is still via an unsubstantial micro-USB connection and the wireless receiver dongle only works on Windows 10.There is another premium price-point option - Razer's Wildcat.In this initial post, we'll be covering off seven different pads we've used over the course of our PC gaming this year - and there are more to come.Logitech's F310 and F710 controllers are en route and we'll also be giving Nvidia's Shield controller a workout in due course.

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