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The Mismatch and Dealbreaker features can help narrow down the dating field.

Asher had the skills, the data, and the technology, and he soon pulled together a team of Brooklynites just as passionate as he was.

Many women looking for a match online have to dig through half a dozen one-worded messages of “yo” and “sup” just to find someone who might be worthwhile.

It’s an exhausting and demoralizing process that hurts singles on both sides.

Coding since he was 11 years old, Asher began working as a software professional when he moved away from home at the young age of 14.

His journey to the online dating industry began with his own personal account on Ok Cupid, back when it was more exploratory and less date-oriented.

High user retention and word-of-mouth is growing the site to a wider audience.

“We’re not Okcupid; we don’t have a million users,” Asher said, before adding, “not yet.” Extensive programming experience and frustration with online dating led to this unique dating project.

He realized that rather than helping people, current dating services were making users more jaded and overwhelmed.When I created my first online dating profile, I had many reservations about putting myself out there as target practice for any guy online. And yet, day after day, I found myself buried under a barrage of messages.“I don’t say this to just anyone,” one guy assured me, “you have a really nice smile.” That sure sounded authentic and original to me.Through its carefully designed filters and features, this site goes above and beyond most dating services.“The premise was to solve the online dating problem,” Asher said.

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