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, swapped Edward and Bella's genders and made the love story about a clumsy, awkward human named Beau and a beautiful, otherworldly vampire named Edythe.

yes I have the guide and that’s completely #Normal). When I went by this place, it made me smile so I couldn’t help myself and snapped a picture: It’s nice to know Jacob started his own Auto Shop, making money for his mad skills fixing up cars and bikes and such. You know that’s possible because despite the antagonism between Jake and Rosalie, Rose needs to see Nessie often with her being as close to a daughter as Rose will get. Looks like Jacob’s doing well too with that new, fancy, big shop and all… Well, banned from Bella & Edward’s house or not, and wolfdemonsubspawnpuppies or not, Nessie’s all grown up now and she and Jake have likely had to find a place of their own for a while. And it gives her something to do for fun/to pass the time when you have an eternity. With the two shops that are within an easy commutable distance from one another for humans to manage, it would be nothing for a couple halfbreeds like them to trek. though with the lack of customer cars in the lot I can’t help but wonder if Emmett had a little too much fun and frightened away all the customers. on top of that the weather here has been all-but perfect for visiting sparkly vamps here this spring because it’s been overcast most days these last few months. Do you think the Twilight Saga has some pretty screwed up messages in it? Are You Going To The Twilight Saga Marathon Before Breaking Dawn Part 2? Twilight may now be over, which is cemented by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner doing their final promo and premiere circuit for Breaking Dawn Part 2, but before we all reach for the tissues, it may not be over just yet…

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