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Ginger and redhead are technically different as they refer to different shades of red. [And no, I didn't come across anything that substantially link the colour with the rhizome.]Interesting.There is certainly a tendency, though, to see the term applied to people with hair that is any shade of red, including bright red.The photo here clearly makes the point, the OP was making, that ginger is not in the slightest red, not even vaguely red, and has utterly no connection, whatsoever, in any way, to the colour red. It appears that it was simply the use of the colour of the root of ginger applied to (the lighter shades of) red hair.Interestingly a very early citation of ginger as a color dates back to the 16th century: Ginger-color in ginger Of possible interest: Gabriele Stein, Sir Thomas Elyot as Lexicograper (2014) matches the 1552 Huleot quotation noted above ("Gynger coloure, after a whyte russet") with one from Elyot written 14 years earlier: "Melinus, na, num, whyte, russette, or a gynger coloure." Unfortunately, I can't tell what either writer is saying about the color of "gynger coloure."@Mari-Lou A: The quotation comes from Richard Huloet, Abecedarium Anglico-Latinum.

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We don't say “orangehead” because when the term was coined, English didn't differentiate between red and orange.' So, according to this, the term 'redhead' appeared by default, not because of truly red hair.From the OED, 'ginger' seems to have been used for less flaming hair from the onset.The red ginger is a tropical plant, it doesn't really grow well in a British climate, but it can survive indoors.So unlike most of the ginger we see in the supermarket today, much of the ginger in Philadelphia in 1818 may have reddish-yellow inside.It is quite possible this was the original color described by "ginger hair".

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