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One of its principal subsidiaries however is still known as Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd. For the Canadian corporate group, see Canadian National. The company was formerly known as the Cumbrian Newspapers Group Ltd but changed its name to reflect the fact that is no longer primarily a newspaper publisher.As a result, Quidem acquired Banbury Sound in 2010 and Oak FM in 2012, effectively reforming the original CN Midlands network. CN also previously owned Belfast City Beat until January 2015 when it was sold to the Q Radio Network.

The company formerly owned the Touch Radio Network stations in the Midlands outright until selling them to Quidem in June 2009.

When Michael Moon, proprietor of Whitehaven's eponymous antiquarian bookshop, heard there had been a fatal shooting in Duke Street, he did what community-minded citizens have instinctively always done, and called the local paper.

Two streets away, in the pink-stuccoed offices of The Whitehaven News, editor Colin Edgar and his staff were putting the news for that week's issue on page, Wednesday being press day.

CN Group publishes daily and weekly newspapers and magazines for Cumbria, Northumberland, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

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