What is validating steam cache files

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Thanks Radio, i fixed sometime ago the problem with Medusa .txt, but i still cant validate : T I didnt know i could copy the text part from D2RIC Export Tab gonna try this later.Edit: I was wondering, Radio, if you know where i can find the "itembuilds" files that we save in-game, like those personalized in-game item build we make.

We also recommend backing up your game saves through the Steam Cloud or onto a flash drive before attempting to fix it.While you find a solution for your cache problem you can delete your default_file and create a new file into your itembuilds folder if you have any trouble editing.C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\itembuilds Paste this content into the text (or make your own build in D2RIC and then copy / paste from the export tab).- After re-downloading those 3 files, every time afterwards, it was 1 file invalidated - I had previously altered Skyrim's graphics profile using Nvidia inspector (I have since reverted to default settings, nothing changed) - My install path in my previous installation was C:\Program Files(86) - Someone else suggested to me that it may have something to do with Steam's CEG (Custom Executable Generation) for Steam Works games. New harddrive, so I had to re-install steam and skyrim. My guess would be that it is a file related to the launcher.I doubt this since I did not encounter this in the past, and tested it on another Steam game, which didn't have any invalidated files. I've been looking through some of the Steam FAQs and whatnot, so far haven't found an answer. After the handful of problems it gave me, I finally got skyrim installed and updated. After each verification of files when you access the launcher it will go thru the process of recreating your INI files.

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