Use radiometric dating in a sentence

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There was land once again where a man might reside; There was a place in the earth now to rear habitations.

Their household entire got aboard and were floated, The family complete rode the deluge in safety. The flood had gone down into lake and to ocean; The mud was confined to the pools and the hollows.

Their children, eleven in number, was each the head of a family. The Miao at funerals and weddings recite the ancestry of the principal or principals clear back to Adam.

(Note 2) So the earth began filling with tribes and with families. These did not God's will nor returned His affection. Their leaders shook fists in the face of the Mighty Then the earth was convulsed to the depth of three strata. God's anger arose till His Being was changed; His wrath flaring up filled His eyes and His face. Their descendants are given in order as follows: Patriarch Gawndan Mew-wan, Matriarch Cawdan Mew-jew; Patriarch Jenku Dawvu, Matriarch Jeneo Boje; Patriarch Gangen Newang (wife not given); Patriarch Seageweng, Matriarch Maw gueh. The story continues through many more pages, telling of the separation of the Chinese and Miao; their travels and demon worship, their division into families.

Introductory Note: The Miao tribes, or as it is spelled in most encyclopedias "Miautso," at one time occupied most of inland China south of the Yangtze River, but have been gradually driven into the mountains of the southwest by the better-armed and better-organized Chinese. He sent me the story many years ago, before Acts & Facts began publication. James Honeyman also acquired a copy and sent it to me. Ellen Truax, widow of the missionary, and make contact with her. Truax has now copyrighted the translation and has graciously given us permission to publish it as an "Impact" article, so that Christians everywhere could become aware of this amazing record, and also could pray for the Miao people as Mr. Although many legends of creation and the flood have been preserved, only a few have included the story of Babel and the post-flood dispersion.

The Miao of our section claim to have been driven out of Kiangsi Province. This is surely one of the most Bible-like of all these traditions, and bears significant independent testimony to the truth of the record in Genesis.

The Miao traditions are very precise, as compared with those of many primitive peoples, because they are not only handed down in metrical form, but, also, they are in couplets, in which the same or similar meaning is expressed in different wording, so that the second sentence acts as a definition of the first, where it might otherwise not be clear. In the wilderness made He the tiger and bear, Made verdure to cover the mountains, Made forest extend with the ranges, Made the light green cane, Made the rank bamboo. Even though we have been unable so far to locate anyone who can confirm the authenticity of the Miao tradition or the accuracy of its translation, it clearly has the ring of truth about it and we can believe it is authentic until someone can prove otherwise.

This is very much like one form of Hebrew poetry - an example of which is found in Psalm 21:1,2. Its differences from the Biblical account clearly show its source was not directly from the Bible or early Christian missionaries (if any), but its similarities are so striking as to imply that it came from the same original source - namely, the events themselves!

So, if you want to move in space, you’ve got to move something else, and if you want to turn, turn something else.We’re used to thinking about airplanes (flying through the air) and walking (on the ground), so the basic intuition we have about how to move around (turning and starting and stopping) doesn’t apply in space.Every possible motion always conserves momentum, which just means “if you want to move, you need to push on something else”. When the time was fulfilled, God commanded the waters. Then Nuah liberated a dove from their refuge, Sent a bird to go forth and bring again tidings.If anyone has any additional information about the Miao tradition, or their history in general, we would be pleased to hear from them.

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