Updating wii firmware without internet

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Don't be afraid, you do not need any programming skills to help.All of the editing is done within a web based system located on this homepage.Changelog Pinout of image 1 is the look onto the pins on the kkboard.If you build your own adapter, make sure that the programmer you use coresponds to the pinout shown above.When installing the drivers for your USBasp programmer dongle, it's recommend to install the original drivers from The drivers supplied with e Bay auctions often don't work very well.

The board must have the capacity to store the new firmware selected.

I already use successfully Hobby King 10A with bs.hex, F-20 (Hobby King 20A)EU Warehouse and F-30 (Hobby King 30A)EU Warehouse both with bs_

To get more informations on how to flash BL-ESC see also the KKMulticopter Flashtool manual. Helpful for first time flashing BL-ESC with Simonk firmware is also the Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool that can be put directly on most ESC without the need to solder any cable to the processor or pads.

I also have tested many different styles of USBasp's from e Bay and other sources.

They generally work very well however, you should always confirm if they work with avrdude.

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