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Later as I opened the car door for Jamie, she turned, slipped her arms around my neck and said, “Thank you for dinner, Uncle Bill,” and kissed me softly on the lips.I was so aroused that I pushed her against the car and we kissed hungrily as I humped my bulging cock against her crotch.I quickly put my arm around her and pushed her down on the seat and crawled on top of her. I want to feel your penis inside me.”“Are you sure that you want to give me your virginity? I’ve done it once before, but it was so quick that I didn’t know what was happening.”“Okay.As we made out, I was able to shift my position and press my bulging cock against her panties-covered crotch. Jamie was having an orgasm and we weren’t even fucking yet! We should get in the back seat,” I said.“Okay.”We got out of the car and crawled into the back seat.Then she said, “Uncle Bill, why don’t we skip the movie and go somewhere to be alone?”I said, “Okay,” since I’d been thinking that very thing.

In fact she was a pest the whole time she was here!Then suddenly Jamie moaned loudly, thrust her hips up, and bit my lip. As Jamie lay down, she quickly took off her panties and threw them on the floor. I looked down between her spread legs at the first pussy I’d ever seen.As I crawled in over her, I pushed my pants and boxers down to expose my fully erect manhood.“Oh wow! In the darkness of our parking spot I couldn’t see much, but was thrilled with what I did see. Let me suck you off then.”I was so surprised by her request that I hesitated for a second.My climax was quickly approaching, so I put my hand on the back of her head and started to thrust up into her mouth.She moaned as I went deeper and deeper, but I was out of control.

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