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Maureen Maher: Did you think he had anything to do with it, at that point? Maureen Maher: Did you ask him if he had anything to do with it? I'd asked him multiple times, like, "Are you guilty? And he was just like, "No, like I just don't understand, like, why I'm getting blamed." And the entire time, he pleaded to me, like, his innocence. Two hours later, it was the beginning of the end of Krysta's life as she knew it. She says at first her father seemed more annoyed than anything. Not a single, like, hint that he had anything to do with that. Deputies say it is Steve Mc Dowell, and it's what he keeps glancing at that makes the investigators sit up and take notice: the Motel 6. Tim Miller | Equusearch [to volunteers]: Let's remember this place got flooded real bad and she may be caught in the tree line and not in the water. The more investigators dug in, the more things didn't quite add up. …And then he took that off -- made it say, like, "No profile picture."Maureen Maher: In a short period of time? Cheryl Lieck: You could see that he's looking over and he's looking to see if the car is still there and it was. The investigators were becoming increasingly frustrated. SEPTEMBER 6CRYSTAL MCDOWELL: MISSING 12 DAYS Deputies called upon an experienced volunteer search and rescue organization, Texas Equusearch, to help find Crystal. and then he made it, like, a picture of him and Crystal. Cheryl Lieck [in war room]: As of about midnight last night the net has widened and its husband, boyfriend, uncle. Paul Hargrave: He insinuated, he didn't use those terms, but he called me a liar. Focusing on the location of the car, deputies began gathering video from nearby businesses. Cheryl Lieck: It looks like he's getting out and he's putting something in the trash can and he's stuffing it all the way down, like, to his elbow. He later explained to his daughter, Krysta, that he had become upset after discovering that Crystal had numerous affairs while they were married. He thought maybe he could, like, get his life in order then. Adams: Because he was just spending money, just spending money…just ridiculously spending money. Investigators were convinced it was Steve Mc Dowell. Authorities were closing in on Steve Mc Dowell and the stakes were only getting higher -- he still had the children. Maureen Maher: It's almost life and death for these kids? Sheriff Brian Hawthorne: She had given Steve the kids. Steve eventually returned the children unharmed and no charges were filed. Sheriff Brian Hawthorne: We spot a bicycle on the service road, Interstate 10 service road.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28CRYSTAL MCDOWELL: MISSING 3 DAYS Sheriff Hawthorne could not believe what he found when he arrived at the Motel 6 where Crystal's Mercedes was discovered. …My criminal investigation captain told me, "I feel like it's been staged." Maureen Maher: Set up for someone to take it? But whoever had left the car there to be taken, did not anticipate the massive flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Sheriff Brian Hawthorne: A lot of their majors and captains and sergeants and investigators homes were going underwater … SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 CRYSTAL MCDOWELL: MISSING 9 DAYS D. Cheryl Lieck [in war room]: There are a lot of moving parts right now. He will kill me."But by August 23, just two days before she disappeared, Crystal made that Facebook post -- " might have been the start of Steve's final unraveling.

Krysta Mc Dowell: He said, "Your little brother and sister are gonna live somewhere else for a while." Krysta was already planning to head home later that day.

I have never heard of a department saying, "Go home and get your affairs in order." …I mean, that's the part I go, "Really? Krysta Mc Dowell: I was at work, and I work at a bar, so I work pretty late…Krysta Mc Dowell says she was confused when her father texted her in the middle of the night.

Adams, a bail bondsman and Crystal's good friend, says the relationship was troubled right from the start. And if it didn't work out or if she couldn't do it at that moment, it would be a temper tantrum. [But Krysta Mc Dowell says her father is not that man. Day after day, investigators were telling Mc Dowell they were successfully gathering more and more evidence -- a ploy to wear him down.

…It just got to a point where he wanted things his way and he wanted it that way and right now. Cheryl Lieck: He was just, like, melting, you know. And at that point I knew that he knew where it was. we heard a noise and he stood up and was like, "They're here…"Maureen Maher: And then all of a sudden, he's gone? But the man who had kept them guessing about so much, for so long, was about to make them guess again.

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