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Finally, 46235 ‘City of Birmingham’ was shown on its way to the museum.EDINBURGH: Here there were some really classics with 2001 ‘Cock O’ The North’ and at Haymarket 2002 ‘Earl Marischal’.Moving on to infrastructure, the subject matter proved to be an array of signals as they used to be at Blackpool and at St. A quick slip back in time took us to a location near Retford to view 60111 ‘Enterprise’.After a view of Tinsley depot in 1965, Les stated that hardly anything railway-related now survives in this area.A trip back in the time machine to Les’s student days in around Southampton we saw 30862 ‘Lord Collingwood’ leaving the docks.Back to the edge of the Peak District saw us at Gowhole in snowy February 1968 with three locos on view – two 8Fs and a Black 5.46157 ‘The Royal Artilleryman’ had the locals at Lancaster touching the tender.

SUNDERLAND: Illustrated with a general view with 63395 prominent and an inside shot showed three J27s grouped around the turntable.

Lastly, a Trevor Owen master piece depicted an overall view of Kingmoor Shed.

BOURNEMOUTH: Here we saw another unusual double-headed pairing in 1953 in the shape of 10202 and “U” 31623 and in the same year shots of a Black 5 and a V2 were on loan to the Southern whilst the Merchant Navy Class had checks on their axles.

Moving further back in time to 1957, Les’s personal motive power was a motorbike and on this trip he captured Clan 72007 ‘Clan Mackintosh’ and a very dirty 9F. Thus we viewed a Q6 in the wilderness near to Consett in 1964 followed by a view of Cockshute shed in Stoke. A night shot taken on 29th December 1967 on the last evening at Tebay shed was followed, touchingly, by a sunset photograph. As ever, it was a wonderful evening of quality photography.

Les’s verdict was that it was in the best “camel s- - - & sand livery.” A visit to Bradford Forster Square with his wife Carol led to him musing on how take an interesting photograph. ” A standard class 75 seen in 1968 was framed by the doors of Skipton shed – by then the shed had closed and the tracks to it had been removed. October - Paul Chancellor, "A fifth Colour-Railway journey" Once again it was a great pleasure to welcome Paul Chancellor from Colour-Rail for his annual visit.

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