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Au départ limité à ses amis et à sa famille, il compte désormais 38.000 membres (baby-sitters ou parents) répartis dans 25 groupes régionaux, dont 22 en France. "J'ai instauré un système de parrainage pour conserver une communauté de confiance", explique-t-elle à "l’Obs".L’internaute doit donc connaître un membre du groupe afin d’y être intégré.He has a girlfriend but he thinks they'll break up soon because its not working out, he lives in a lil flat with another young teacher etc anyways i wasnt sure if he was this casual with other people so i asked around and hes not...i still havnt ruled out that maybe he just likes me but last friday he invited me to a little party hes throwing while the other teachers on holiday.THIS WAS TWO MONTHES AGO NOW: its more like: In england if your in sixth form and aged 18 can it really be illegal to fall in love with a teacher?I honestly never thought of that factor, but damnit if it isn't true.A teacher keeping their job would be the only issue.Alors pourquoi ne pas y trouver son (sa) baby-sitter ?

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California is especially strict because the Ao C applies even if both parties are underage.I'm working as an English teacher in Japan right now, and I have to say that a teacher having a relationship with a student is just as frowned upon here as it is in America, even if the student is above the age of consent.As I went to California schools, I do wonder how that would apply in the scenario my friend was in...Mais la rentrée ce sont aussi les sorties scolaires, les goûters à préparer, les devoirs à vérifier, les dîners à servir tôt…Et, pour beaucoup, la recherche du (de la) baby-sitter idéal(e).

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