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This shows him or her how well-rounded you know he or she is, and how amazing he or she is on so many levels.

“Strong couples compliment each other often,” Greene says.

So maybe you say “thank you” to the cashier who gives you your change or the stranger who holds the door for you.

But these words can have so much more meaning when you say them (with real gratitude! When you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s easy to forget to appreciate the little things you do for each other.

“They compliment different dimensions of each other - attractiveness, personality and intelligence.

“It might seem insignificant, but it's our way of saying we care about one another.” Just like with “I love you,” you can get super creative with your “good night” texts, using nicknames, emoji, and mentioning all the little things that make your relationship special.Trust us, it’s worth the extra minute out of your day!For a relationship to work, it is so, crucial for both partners to be equal and respectful of each other.Here's why...’ By rationally talking about what makes us annoyed or upset, we have been able to work through any issues we have and find a good compromise.” Greene thinks that Sarah Beth and her boyfriend’s strategy is ideal, and her advice is to focus on the one thing that’s upsetting you right now (without blaming your SO or putting him or her down) and to offer a specific solution to the problem.In short, strong couples call each other out when one of them has crossed a line, but each partner tries to pinpoint what it is exactly that’s upsetting them and works towards a solution.

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    Should you help her when she or a member of her family gets sick, and to what extent?

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    “Your co-workers aren’t going to judge you on your relationship status.

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    Their instinct is to make the people closest to their heart feel happy, comfortable, and cared for.

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    Yes, it made me laugh - but in an "OMG, is this guy serious? Santagati talks out of both sides of his mouth all the way through this, claiming that men love women, then in the next breath explaining that that's true as lo I can't remember where I read about this book, but somehow I came away with the impression that it was one of those "joke" self-help books, the kind with funny cartoons.

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