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The first letter, mailed special delivery and postmarked p.September 28, 1953, demanded 0,000 in and bills be placed in a duffle bag. Inside the envelope in which this letter was mailed was the Jerusalem medal which had been worn by Bobby Greenlease.

The kidnappers promised Bobbys safe return in 24 hours and as long as there were no tricks in delivering the money. The letter again contained demands for 0,000 and stated that Bobby was okay but homesick.

As the woman left the school, she had an arm around Bobbys shoulder and was holding his hand.

Sister Morand last saw them as they entered a taxicab. that day, Sister Marthanna of the school called the Greenlease home to inquire about Mrs. Greenlease and at that time learned that the story told by the woman who called for Bobby was false. Greenlease immediately called her husband who rushed home and, after hearing the story of what happened, notified the chief of police in Kansas City, who in turn reported the matter to the FBI.

When Creech last saw them, they had stopped behind a blue 1952 or 1953 Ford Sedan bearing Kansas license plates.

A few hours after the kidnapping, the Greenleases received the first ransom letter concerning the return of their son.

He left the cans in a deserted club house and drove back to the Coral Courts Motel where he was staying.

Heady went to the school, persuaded a nun that she was Bobby's aunt (and told the false story that Bobby's mother had suffered a heart attack), and took him away. Louis, Hall left Heady in the middle of the night in a rented room, then contacted old criminal associates in an attempt to divert police attention from them.

Hall and Heady then took Bobby across the state line to Johnson County, Kansas, where Hall shot him to death. One of the associates, a former prostitute named Sandra O'Day, was supposed to fly to Los Angeles and mail a letter Hall had written from there in order to divert police attention from St.

Upon arriving at the school she told Creech to wait for her because she desired to be driven to the Katz Drug Store at Westport and Main Streets in Kansas City.

In approximately six minutes, the woman reentered the cab accompanied by a small boy fitting the description of Bobby Greenlease.

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