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Sure, it’s fun to watch it happen to Samantha or Carrie on TV, but when it’s happening to you, it’s a whole other story. Did I get rejected when I told him my feelings for him? Sure, he wanted a relationship, but he was too scared.

You need to understand the signs he wants a relationship but is scared to truly understand what is going on in your relationship. It’s been two months, and I still can’t bring myself to meet new guys.

"According to Hollywood Life, Lionel is "trying to be a good dad" and wants to "protect his daughter from getting a broken heart"."Lionel is especially worried for his young daughter," a source close to Sofia told the celebrity gossip website.

"Lionel loves Sofia dearly and doesn't really know if he can trust Scott at all.

Yeah, I know, you’ve brought up the whole “what are we” topic and suddenly he’s nowhere to be seen. Why should he commit to you when there are girls left, right, and center?

You probably had those moments next to him where you feel he wants to say something, but he’s not. The thing about relationships is that it requires compromise. However, there are obviously other factors he includes in that.

You know what it is, but he’s too scared to really tell you how he feels because he’s scared of the consequences. Now, if he’s immature, and clearly it looks like he is, then compromising isn’t in his books. Maybe there’s something about you that he doesn’t like, some issue you two have had, etc.

[Read: How to deal with a guy who is sending mixed signals] #2 He’s had no other previous relationships. If he’s never had a relationship before lasting more than six months, there’s a reason why. Don’t even plan for the summer or even next week, it’s too much for him. [Read: The tricky mind games men play that any girl can win] #5 He’s a master in the bedroom. You know they’re alive, but you’ll never meet them.

He obviously has some commitment issues to sort out. Everything is about now and this very moment, cut the inspirational yoga crap, buddy. This guy rocks your world, but that’s because he’s had a lot of experience. So, that already shows you what type of past he’s had. Bringing you home shows his parents he’s interested in you. If he doesn’t want that impression to rub off on you, he’ll keep his family far away.

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