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If you want a shot with the lady of your dreams, you have to pass the crucial 2-second test.“So how do I get that shot? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to show you exactly how you get it. Alongside your main profile photo, there’s information (that you fill out) that will show up when you come up in a search result.Choose your photos wisely: avoid selfies, smile, and get a dog in there! Remember, Russian Cupid doesn’t let you add as many photos as most sites, so you can only use 4 or 5 photos to get your point across. It will look something like this …This is where having a strong headline is important.You can mention this upcoming trip in your messages, and possibly even in your profile text.Of course, you don’t really have to have the trip booked.

Introducing Mateusz …Thanks to his terrible selfie, a woman that sees his profile preview will wonder if she’ll be duct taped and thrown in the back of his van if they meet in person. He’s also giving an unwelcoming sideways glance that conveys he’s not happy and may have something to hide (bodies, anyone? And he’s holding his phone up to the mirror to snap the picture. To the right of his picture, you’ll see the “Quickview.” This is something that women can customize to show them the information they want to see from any profile they come across.Women choose whether to read your profile or move on to the next, so choose your picture carefully. Moving on to the lower half of your main profile section on Russian Cupid …Be sure you don’t put things here that could turn women off like putting your Appearance as “Very Attractive” (“Attractive” is good) or putting that you Drink “Regularly” (drinking problems, anyone? The key is to fill out as much information as you can without answering anything in a way that’s likely to kill the attraction with many of the women.With all of this caution surrounding profile pictures, you're probably wondering if ALL of your profile pics are this crucial. Better yet, your pictures have to show her the good time she will have with you. Probably just hangs out in bathrooms and practices his “come hither” face. By filling in as many of these fields as possible, you’re more likely to show up in a higher volume of search results.Well, they're not as your primary photos, but believe me, they’re all important. Nothing about these pictures will give her any clue as to what he is like. The main reason this is important is because women who simply check out your profile are significantly more likely to respond to your messages, so you want to attract as many views to your profile as possible.Remember, all you are to her are words and images on a screen. Except that maybe he has a camera with a timer on it. Also, don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information you fill out because you’ll only have to do it once.

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