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The captions of the photos read, unedited: "Battered wife?!? "Now, look at how even a black-and-blue Claudine looks after make-up is done," Topacio said in the caption. But according to Santiago's camp, Topacio's last photo of a "finished product" was taken before Barretto's live guesting on the entertainment talk show "Showbiz Central" in April 2010.

The same three photos posted by Topacio, which were re-tweeted by Barretto on her own page, had different captions in Santiago's statement.

Her first and only hire, a rider, delivers the goods within Metro Manila."I’m very lucky that my customers understand that there’s no definite time of delivery—within the day lang talaga,” she said, sharing that her rider services 20 locations on an average day.

Baking is something she and her 3-year-old daughter enjoy doing, too.“Every time I go to my kitchen, she’s with me.

Rico, who came from well-to-do family, was a youth model and has been with Claudine since almost the start of his showbiz career.

Twelve years after, Claudine was seen visiting Rico's grave with his family.

In June, the former couple appeared to have patched things up when Barretto posted a photo of her with Santiago and their kids.MANILA -- (UPDATED) Raymart Santiago will not have Claudine Barretto insinuating that he was the cause of bruises on her face, as seen in several photos of the "battered" actress released by her lawyer over the weekend.In an e-mail to on Tuesday, Santiago's camp shared five photos of Barretto wearing a headgear with bandages on her cheeks. The last photo, a close-up of Barretto's facial bruises covered with bandages, was captioned: "Before applying make-up, first make sure that the wounds from the post-surgical procedure have healed so the bandage can be safely removed." This was in reference to a series of photos posted on Twitter last Sunday by Barretto's legal counsel, Atty. It looked like it was parang really linking us but in reality it’s just out of the show. (at least kami) sa group ha, like Ate Shine cooks a lot, tapos ako I bake tapos si Raymart pala cooks also.”She added, "The only time nakakasama namin siya sa labas is kapag lumalabas ang ''unyon.'"No to controversy Did Raymart show interest in her? The “Internet entrepreneur” has social media to thank for in helping her run a business she put up from her home over three years ago."We’re blessed to be part of the free marketing age. And of course, free photo editing apps that really help you enhance photos and make them look like they're professionally taken.It was during the time when our characters are becoming lovers,” she told showbiz reporters, referring to their roles in the recently-concluded afternoon drama “Villa Quintana.”Bettina further said only two things bind her and Raymart together: Instagram and “unyon," their newfound showbiz group composed of some “Villa” cast members, including Bettina, Raymart and Sunshine Dizon."Instagram lang (ang connection namin). Malaking bagay.”Bettina is fortunate she can combine showbiz and her small-scale business."Mabait talaga ang Diyos.

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