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It has explosive composition, which highlights aromatic lavender in unique way thanks to hot and tart spices. From what I've gathered during my research I was expecting a very smooth, heavy vanilla/tobacco scent with some spices. To my nose the opening comes off very synthetic and peppery with lots of cinnamon up to the point that it's nauseating. I disliked it so much that I was about to wash it off, but I wanted to see what the drydown would turn into.Lavender is mixed with caraway and black pepper, leaving a trail of hotness above masculine shades of tobacco and subtle, comfortable vanilla. The tobacco and papers with the hint of vanilla really prominant in this one. Only in the late drydown after about 5-6 hours it starts to be more what I had hoped for as the synthetic pepper/cinnamon combo is no longer prominent.I easily think this is the best of the Spicebombs, especially since the original Spicebomb underperforms in terms of sillage and longevity. Do you use Acqua Di Gio Profumo when you're in Antarctica as well? Just a cacophony of notes that is highly offensive, with spicebomb original, the notes blend well together because nothing is too extreme.In fact, maybe you should use Acqua Di Gio Profumo in those hot, humid weather conditions you're talking about and not a brazenzy obvious winter fragrance. I can imagine Olivier Polge said to Victor and Rolf: "you have made a big mistake, the original is already well blended, why ruin my recipe?If only it was more natural, smoother and less peppery it would have been a win for me.So be warned, this is not a safe blind buy by any means!

Both said it smelt like Christmas spices and reminded them of warm Christmas cake, but in a nice manly kind of way! All I care about is whether I enjoy a fragrance and whether it makes me smell amazing and gets me compliments (not just good but amazing) from my girlfriend and those around me. If you like warm, sweet with a hint of spice in your colder month fragrances? Fragrance -Spicebomb Extreme Viktor&Rolf Bottle from - 2016 It's very similar to the original Spicebomb,more elegant, more sophisticated,more classy,but in the end he is more or less the same beast. So, Spicebomb Extreme is a step ahead of regular Spicebomb...unfortunately, it is not enough for me to buy BOTH.

Longevity - 10/10(12 hours) Silage/Projection - 9/10(excellent projection and silage for the first 3-4 hours) Weather - best in autumn,winter Versatility-8/10 Age - 20 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 8/10 Main notes according to me - tobacco,vanilla,pepper,spices. When my Spicebomb runs out, I will replace it with Spicebomb Extreme, but until then I will wait. I love the way vanilla comes off on this mixed with tobacco.

The drydown is more or less the same like the opening and i get some sweetness,tobacco and vanilla. For the first 10-15 mins of application, this one comes off a bit strong on the nose, but quickly settles in and mellows down. For the first hour it does project well.....after 2 hours unfortunately becomes a skin scent. I haven't tried the original Spicebomb yet, so I may be going about this backwards, but I tried the sample today and though the opening notes bombarded me with more smoky spice than I was expecting, as the day wore on, I loved this more and more!

I blind bought it, a little worried that it might be a redundant purchase if it was exactly the same.

It has a strong resemblance to the original, the DNA is definetely there and unmistakable. It's sweeter with the addition of vanilla and less spicy.

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