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Indeed, Soros has already implemented his global agenda in both Georgia and Kosovo.Known as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’ involvement with Obama’s political career began in 2005 with Soros heavily contributing to Obama’s Senatorial campaign and continued through Obama’s 2007 Presidential launch with huge fundraising operations.Soros has also been pouring money into the Democratic Party with the intent of amassing a horde of lawmakers with socialist leanings.“George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman, Christine Iverson, “and he who pays the piper calls the tune.” Much of Soros’ funding goes into radical leftwing groups addressing a range of issues from government-funded health care to establishing a borderless America with special rights for illegal aliens — all in his quest to subvert a white Christian power bloc.

The leading members of the groups’ “grassroots” steering committee are Move, The Center for American Progress, and The Campaign for America’s Future, all created with Soros-money. The Campaign for America’s Future co-founders include Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, sixties agitator Tom Hayden, and socialist feminist Barbara Ehrenreich - ALL Jews. Allied with Soros’s Institute On Medicine As A Profession are two of Soros-funded Jewish organizations that promote “wealth redistribution” of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY - not theirs.The Center For American Progress and its parent company, The Democratic Alliance, are Soros’ leading vehicles in his drive to drain the white Christian middle class in a Marxist welfare state.Kirk, then 58, a uniformed bailiff who was unarmed and had just stepped off an elevator.Gardner climbed the stairs to the next floor, where he took hostage Wilburn Miller, a vending machine serviceman.

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    KTLA, which had been the market's WB affiliate since the network's January 1995 launch, became The CW's Los Angeles affiliate as part of a 10-year affiliation deal between the new network and KTLA's owner, Tribune Broadcasting.

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