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She had to navigate the waters of dating after she and her husband of 20 years divorced.

Several years later, she moved in with a man she had fallen in love with.

Nowadays, the sixties are the new forties, and you don't have to be alone just because you have entered your seventh decade.

You can join for free and browse the thousands of fully detailed sixty plus dating personals using our advanced search facility.

One area where the experts say there needs to be more awareness is among heterosexual women age 50 and older.

California mother and grandmother Nell Davis, 64, doesn’t fit any of the past profiles of those at high risk.

Later, “I found his HIV test results hidden in his Bible,” she says, adding that the date of the test “told me that he knew he was HIV positive well before we got married, but he never said anything.” (MORE: HIV/AIDS and People Over 50) Women over 50 make up 10 percent of all women living with HIV.

Member privacy and safety is most important to us – with member details being kept strictly confidential. Join Join Drinks Party Plus now by completing this downloadable pdf Drinks Party Plus Membership Form.Successful online dating for the over 60's is easier than ever with Sixty Plus Singles it's the gold standard for silver surfers!Meet new single people for drinks parties plus light bites at restaurants, hotels and other top class venues.But as much as better information is needed for women in middle age and beyond, there has been even less outreach to older heterosexual men.CDC officials concede that they have focused their limited outreach resources on the populations with the greatest need, which continues primarily to be men who have sex with men. In the meantime, stories like Davis’ are repeating themselves nationwide, in women like Daphne Robinson.

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