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Emily Watson, in a fearless, spooky, bewitching performance, is as spontaneous as a child at play, yet there’s a grave enchantment to the way her trust is transmuted into open-eyed self-sacrifice.

For Bess, love and religious fervor are inseparable.

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1 BREAKING THE WAVES [MOVIE of the YEAR] Some movies are like fairy tales — they don’t just tell stories, they cast spells — and Lars von Trier’s lyrically transfixing epic of love, madness, martyrdom, and faith works that kind of magic.

7 TWISTER Here’s something you don’t see every day: a 2 million blockbuster that’s also the most underrated movie of the year.

Director Jan De Bont gets the scary, dreamlike spectacle of tornadoes right up there on screen.

Hytner doesn’t just liberate the play from the stage.The wonder isn’t so much in their destructive power as in the fact that they’re natural phenomena that seem supernatural — indeed, they seem like beings.De Bont, a wizard of roiling kinesthetic excitement, directs with the fluidity and grandeur of Steven Spielberg in his great ’70s films, staging the tornadoes as impossibly vast spectral-meteorological events.In an era of glib moralizing, it was liberating to see a movie that understands the pleasures, as well as the perils, of addiction.Yet Trainspotting’s music-video zing, its mad scatological humor, and its spiraling celebration of smack’s death-trip allure wouldn’t have meant much if it didn’t offer a hero as soulful — and as desperate to kick — as Ewan Mc Gregor’s Renton, a Junkie Without a Cause who dives headfirst into addiction in order to come out the other side.

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