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"George had a really curious mind, and when he got into something he wanted to know everything," says his widow, Olivia Harrison, who met him in 1974 and mar­ried him four years later. He liked to have fun, you know." Harrison's first wife, Pattie Boyd, de­scribed him veering between periods of in­tense meditation and heavy partying, with no middle ground."He would meditate for hour after hour," she wrote in her memoir, Says Olivia, "George didn't see black and white, up and down as different things. He could outlast anyone."arrison and his bandmates lost local talent shows to a novelty band fronted by a midget — but even that indig­nity didn't shake them. Things turned around rather sharply, and Harri­son loved it all at first, embracing the stag­es of success in "sort of a teenage way": his underage apprenticeship in Hamburg's red-light district (where he lost his vir­ginity while his bandmates pretended to sleep in the same room — they applaud­ed at the end); the painstaking process of developing his own country-and-R&B-inflected guitar style; the beginnings of Beatlemania; the fame, the money, the girls, the tight bond among the Fabs.He also began playing slide gui­tar, developing an emotive, distinctive in­strumental voice that reflected his newly liberated spirit.

"George talked a lot about his nervous system, that he just didn't want to hear loud noise anymore," says Olivia, who began dating him the year of the tour. He didn't want to be stressed."Harrison released seven more solo al­bums, but he became progressively less interested in any conventional career arc. Harrison was intent on restoring the 35-acre property's gardens, which had fallen into disrepair.Soon enough, he was filling his notebooks with lyrics and chord charts, and maybe an occasional sketch of a motorcycle.He became close friends with an older classmate, Paul Mc Cartney, who needed a guitar player for a new band."It didn't take long before he re­alized, ' This isn't it,' " says Olivia."He re­alized, ' This is not going to sustain me.

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