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In speaking to one of KEDA's newest graduates from the University of Jalapeño, Richard Martinez I asked him to describe Güero Polkas, "He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to music, if he sat down and really wrote an encyclopedia there would be no book that could compare with the information that this man has in his head about our history of music.

He is an attribute to this radio station and to everyone especially the younger generations to educate them with the wealth of his knowledge of our music.

And playing Saturday night to a capacity crowd at the Pepsi Center, Blake Shelton demonstrated exactly why he's on top.

The concert itself (billed as the "Ten Times Crazier Tour") was a well-oiled machine from beginning to end.

During the time he was stationed in California he met a disc jockey in San Francisco's KSOL his name Sylvester Stewart better known as Sly & the Family Stone he also was touched by Güero's talent and played Güero's recording with the Royal Jesters.

Güero explains that ever since he's been on the radio he has tried to record at least once a year.

Besides the more musicians and less gangsters we have out there the better it is." He has five sons and two daughters and all his children are in the music business in one aspect or another.

But Güero's pride and joy are his eight grandchildren I quote him when he says "I'm not just Güero Polkas now, I'm Po Po Polkas all these 40 years I've been on the air my family has been growing." Güero attended Brackenridge High School and was on the football team, he had constant battles with his coach concerning his radio career.

Güero Polkas was the MC for the first ever Tejano Music Awards held.He goes on to say "I guess when I kick the bucket then all the stuff will come out, maybe it won't but I've had the privilege over the years of recording with many wonderful musicians five or six times just with Flaco Jimenez, Los Pasianos, Los Dos Gilbertos and Ruben Naranjo." He explained how he had his own orchestra at one time and had a record produced by the great Paulino Bernal.He has performed with great artists such as Augustin Ramirez and Little Joe and in the English market with such heavyweights as Willie Nelson and James Brown.And of course, he cared about the music and the artists making the music: "When KEDA started in 1966, we decided to give emphasis to the local artists who were turning out some great music. Güero Polkas is celebrating his 40th year in broadcasting and icons of his stature are very few.We thought it would be ridiculous to act like snobs toward our own musicians." Gratis! It should be said that he is one of the last personalities on radio in the true form of a personality.

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