Intimidating opposite word

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Through faith and patience, I too, inherit Your promises in my life. The house was damaged to the point where Ray-Ray had to move out. That night a tree came crashing down on Tina’s house; once again, without explanation. That is the negative aspect and that is a curse, but it works the same way with “The Blessing” of God.

So Ray-Ray and Tina moved in with Tina’s sister (also your aunt) Mona. They say that they would like to move in with you until their houses are fixed. Now let’s continue that same logic with faith and fear.

Emotions become a problem with they are uncontrolled.

Satan will use anything and everything he can to get you to fear. If the enemy can get you to be afraid – with a constant barrage of negative information – he can cripple your relationship with God.I have heard lots of definitions over the years for what faith is. Faith is confident assurance that God will do what He said He would do. There is a fundamental difference between hope and faith. When we tie God’s Word to what we hope for, then we have confidence that He will do what He said He would do. Our hope is connected to something that God promised; therefore our hope is no longer a wish, it becomes faith in God and His Word.Hope is ‘open-ended,’ meaning that it is not tied to anything. The Bible tells us that God does not change His mind (Num ) and that He cannot lie (Titus 1:2).That night a tree came crashing down on Mona’s house. We said yesterday that that one has in God and His Word.I explained that if there is no positive Word from God for us to cleave to, then we could not really act in faith.

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