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After the Gatlantean forces unveil an advanced warship that threatens to overwhelm the allied fleet, the general convinces Todo to send in the new Earth battleship Andromeda, armed with two wave motion guns that obliterate the enemy ("The Year is 2202--Raise the Space Battleship Yamato").He attends the launch ceremony for four additional state-of-the-art warships several days later--all of them, like Andromeda, equipped with wave motion weapons in clear violation of a treaty signed by Admiral Okita with Queen Starsha Iscandar.Serizawa held the position of UNCF military director as early as 2191, soon after an advance force from the Great Garmillas Empire was detected near Pluto.As a first contact fleet from Earth closed in on the alien ships, Serizawa communicated with mission commander Admiral Juzo Okita and ordered him to immediately open fire.Stationed in UNCF headquarters, he frequently works alongside chief civilian executive Heikuro Todo ("Toward a Sea of Stars", "Farewell to the Solar System").

Along with Itou, he monitors Lieutenant Susumu Kodai's interrogation of a Garmillas prisoner through a video feed from Yamato's brig ("A World I Once Saw").

Despite his relatively young age, Hoshina earns the friendship and confidence of Lieutenant Itou.

He is eventually brought into a conspiracy led by Itou and Lieutenant Kaoru Niimi to seize Yamato and reactive Project Izumo, a plan to resettle human survivors of the Garmillas-Earth War on a habitable world ("Point of No Return").

The Garmillan force responded in kind to the unprovoked attack and wiped out much of the fleet.

Serizawa lied to the general public by describing the incident as an act of aggression on the part of the aliens, and with survivors under a gag order against revealing the truth, humanity's first contact with another civilization had turned into a state of war ("A World I Once Saw").

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