How to stop twitter from updating your facebook status two alcoholics dating

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Once I removed the NSFW language and CAPS LOCK cyber-rants, I narrowed down the list to the 20 most annoying behaviors on Facebook.

Perhaps your friends are guilty of one or — God forbid — all of these Facebook mortal sins.

A growing trend in computer use is that of researching a family tree, using online and offline resources alongside a customised database project to figuratively travel back in time and meet your ancestors.

Various specialist software tools are available to help you to map your family tree – so called because of the way the members of various generations of a family spread out in a diagram – and there are websites available that can help you out with everything from census results to finding graves. Most commonly, it is a logical arrangement of generations from now (probably starting with you) and stepping back in history.

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With census data perhaps the most commonly accessed information available online for this purpose, the Internet has become a major aspect of genealogy research.Maybe even you have erred from time to time (we forgive you, but please stop).Either way, now's your chance to contribute your own nominations for world's worst Facebook manners. Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, Tuomas Puikkonen.Beyond the web, there are other places where you can find data.Libraries, newspaper offices, graveyards, public record offices, schools, churches, military bases and local museums can all be vital resources as you research your family tree.

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