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He and his cohorts met while they were all working at Pay Pal.

One of them even designed Pay Pal's now-ubiquitous logo.

they may be better placed at and 10 meaning you think they are very hot (i.e.

The site currently claims “Over 10 Billion votes counted and 16,800,000 photos submitted.” When you visit the site you are greeted with the first picture.

Above it are a couple of drop down boxes from which you can filter your viewing - choose to view pictures of men, women or both, and specify an age group if you wish. Once happy with the gender and or age selection you’ve made, simply rate the piccies you’re shown.

In October of '06, Google announced it was paying a cool $US1.65 billion to snatch up You Tube -- the search giant's most expensive purchase ever made at that point.

A comment on PC World's story about the acquisition provides some amusing context to the deal:"Google is looking for its second act.

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