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But he said, ‘I was wary about eating anything,’ and he didn’t let Shelley Lanza – his second wife – eat any either.There was no way to be sure the sweets weren’t poisoned.Meanwhile, Peter and Nancy’s marriage was starting to unravel.‘I’d work ridiculous hours during the week and Nancy would take care of the kids,’ he told me.Adam tried to sell copies of the book at school and got in trouble.

When the Connecticut state’s attorney issued a report in December, CNN announced, ‘Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza took motive to his grave.’ Yet no ‘motive’ can mitigate the horror of a bloodbath involving children.‘Any variation on what I did and how my relationship was had to be good, because no outcome could be worse,’ he said.Depending on whom you ask, there were 26, 27 or 28 victims in Newtown.It’s 26 if you count only those who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School; 27 if you include Adam’s mother, Nancy; 28 if you judge Adam’s suicide a loss. On the anniversary of the shootings, President Obama referred to ‘six dedicated school workers and 20 beautiful children’ who had been killed, and the governor of Connecticut asked churches to ring their bells 26 times.Some churches in Newtown had previously commemorated the victims by ringing 28 times but a popular narrative had taken hold in which Nancy – a gun enthusiast who had taught Adam to shoot – was an accessory to the crime, rather than its victim. Credit: AP Inadequate gun control and poor mental-health care are problems that invariably define the debate after atrocities such as the one at Newtown.

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