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Even though there are examples throughout history from the ancient Greeks to the 18th century of people practising physiognomy, basically judging a person’s character or lifestyle from their facial features, a recent study from Stanford University gives us a modern-day version to contemplate—computers determining if a person is gay or straight through facial-detection technology.Another trend the machines identified was that gay women tended to have larger jaws and smaller foreheads then straight women while gay men had larger foreheads, longer noses and narrower jaws than straight men.The researchers found that the computers paid most attention to the neckline, mouth corners, hair and the nose on women and the chin, eyes, eyebrows, nose cheeks and hairline for men to help determine the person’s sexuality.Yilun Wang and Michael Kosinski’s study took more than 35,000 facial images of men and women that were publicly available on a U. dating website and found that a computer algorithm was correct 81% of the time when it was used to distinguish between straight and gay men, and accurate 74% of the time for women.Accuracy improved to 91% when the computer evaluated five images per person.

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