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By one estimate Henrietta Maries cargo grossed well over 3,000 (more than 0,000 today) for the ships investors.

50 lb.), -- used on the known London-based slave ship, Henrietta Marie, the oldest identifiable slave ship wreck in the world (July 1700); featured in National Geographic's (August, 2002) -- for "trouble-makers", #3 written on it.

In 1822 the family moved to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to find a better racial climate, and at the age of 19 Martin attended an African American school in Pittsburgh.

He married Kate Richards there in 1843; they had 11 children.

Accounts relating to the Henrietta Maries voyages were uncovered, as were the names of her investors, captains, and wills of some of her crew members.

Artifacts found at the site proved particularly helpful in creating a picture of shipboard life and the practices of the slave trade. 5" ball with a 4" handle built into the ball when the ball was cast. We got them from a gentleman at the Slave Coast castle in Ghana.

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