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Therefore I can’t say much about the main storyline yet.

It seems there is something serious going on between the kingdoms related to Crystals, as usual, but a lot of it seems like a jarring contrast to the upbeat, casual attitudes of Noctis and the gang.

It might be the best way to handle a situation sometimes.

I’m about 7 hours in, and as is typical for me with Final Fantasy games, I got completely sucked into the side quests.

I know there are more but those are my main jrpg squeezes.

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In fact, it may be even more action-oriented than Kingdom Hearts since it has so many quick time events that demand timely button inputs, and it punishes you pretty hard for making mistakes when challenging monsters higher than your level. They banter like real friends, make jokes at each other, take photos and selfies along the trip, bromance it up, and so on.

It used a combat system where, following a random encounter, the game transitioned to a separate, graphical, overhead battle screen, and tactical turn-based combat ensued.

That same year, in 1982, Tunnels of Doom used a similar combat system; and ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by ASCII in 1985, was responsible for laying the foundations for the tactical RPG genre, or "simulation RPG" genre as it is known in Japan, with its blend of role-playing and strategy game elements.

But overall Final Fantasy 15 is proving to be an enjoyable game.

Hello, recently purchased PS Vita and I would love to play some great RPG's on it - but I don't really know about good games of this genre for that console. I'm already a big fan of Final Fantasy series and played many of these games, so I'm searching for some other titles similiar to these for example. Atelier series has some fun turn based games on it.

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