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French research concentrated on pinpointing evidence for the spread of Hellenism, tracing the silk route, and studying the relationship of Gandharan art to the Buddhist art of the Afghan area. Further important finds are noted in the survey section, below. Balḵ was probed (1924) for evidence of Hellenism but without results; and work shifted to the major ancient sites of Bāmīān, Bagrām, and Hadda. Schlumberger but failed to find any pre-Kushan evidence. Casal directed its first Bronze Age excavations at Mondīgak in 1951. Dupree (director of the AMNH mission until 1970, thereafter the American Universities Field Staff representative) made an extensive survey in northern Afghanistan in 1959; he followed this with excavations at Āq Koprūk, where findings included a large and fine Upper Paleolithic assemblage (ca. Other Americans investigated in the Sīstān deserts, where results were especially important for the Islamic period: G. C.: Flint and bone implements and shell ornaments were found. In it was recognized the establishment of the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA). C.: One fragment of beaten, bossed copper was found along with many flint implements and pottery. Since 1928 this mission has recorded its investigations in a major publication series, the (MDAFA). The following survey of major archeological sites is ordered by period of cultural climax.

Ālten, a series of Achaemenid period mounds northwest of Balḵ, provides new knowledge of the pre-Bactrian period and shows ties with the culture of Āy Ḵānom.

A brief survey had been made by two Englishmen in 1938 (E. This site has shed new light on the Hendūšāhī period (between the decline of Buddhism and the establishment of Islam in Afghanistan). C.: Non-ceramic Neolithic finds included sickle blades and other flint and bone implements, pecked stone hoes, celts, querns, and pounders, plus two types of pottery: a crude, soft chaff, limestone and crushed sherd tempered ware with flat bases and simple rounded rims, and a better fired pottery with zig-zag incised motifs.

The series of publications which record the Kyoto University findings are referred to in the survey, below.

Boys Basketball (11-2) Blake Burzell scored 28 to lead the Breakers past Upland (8-3) on Friday, Dec. This past week, Laguna was in the Governors Division of the 28th annual Torrey Pines High School Tournament.

Honigberger, cut into Buddhist stupas in search of treasure thought to be included with the reliquaries. Jacquet (“Notice sur les découvertes archéologiques faites par Martin Honigberger dans l’Afghanistan,” , London, 1852). Masson was officially employed by the East India Company to collect antiquities in Afghanistan. This and the two following sites are the earliest village assemblages yet identified in Afghanistan (MDAFA 17, 1961; Gouin, 19, 1969).

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