Daughters and dating questionaire

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If discipleship — or “dating” your daughter’s boyfriend — sounds like it might be a more effective method than what you’ve tried (or intended to try), here are six pieces of counsel for engaging young men interested in your little girl.

Let your first couple conversations be about him, and not her. Study his relationships with his friends and family.

At the same time, remember that even with the “good guy” a resume can’t replace some regular contact.

She’s worth it — her faith, safety, and well-being — to spend some time seeing him for yourself.

Anyone who’s tried and failed to get married reads that simplicity with at least a little bit of longing. Wait for the day dad sends her to Minneapolis on a camel? While we can certainly learn about love and marriage from Isaac and Rebekah, I don’t think God intended it to be a manual for getting married in twenty-first-century America.

I do think, though, that we may be facing greater evils in our Christian homes today than handpicking fathers.

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