Dating vintage omega watches love highway online dating guide by david

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If your OMEGA wristwatch has a transparent caseback, it won't be necessary to remove the caseback.The number is very small so you may need to use a magnifying glass or a watchmaker's loupe.We have created a special online service for watch enthusiasts who would like to know more about the production history of their OMEGA products made before 2000.The Extract of the Archives is not a Certificate of Authenticity and does not guarantee the authenticity of a watch or its component parts.Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair or sale of your vintage Omega watch.The coaxial was first offered in limited series in So a novice trying to describe the visible features will seldom mention anything that is sufficiently unique to tell one watch from another.

June 4th, The effect of the thickness and viscosity of lubricant on balance amplitude has been virtually eliminated, extending the planned service interval to around 10 years.

An extremely common question is someone wanting to know specifics about a watch they have or have seen.

June 13th, The best identifier of a watch is its serial number.

The time now is Rolex watches feature two sets of identification numbers V to Vwould in fact also be 1 million serial numbers, and worked well with this system.

Rolex model or reference number is located between lugs, above 12 o'clock.

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