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S HOLE Potter's name for the ash pit underneath the firemouth in an oven. "S Hole is simply a dialect way of saying ash hole [found in coal fires in domestic premises] rather than a specifically industrial word." Many thanks to Brian Jones for this update 18 March 2016 Kiln furniture. An open box, in different shapes and sizes, made of fireclay or saggar marl with added pre-fired grog and fired before use. SHERDS Faulty pieces which are beyond repair, beyond seconds and beyond lump. Likewise the short projection WC is considerably shorter normal from the wall to the front rim. It depends upon the clay's particle size and on how many and what type of impurities are present in the clay body.

Used during firing to support glost pottery in a saggar. Specifically manufactured to contain pottery during a biscuit, glost or sometimes decorating fire in a bottle oven. It was an occupation in the ovens department of the potbank. The saggar makers bottom knocker would work with the Saggar Maker himself. When a clay is wet and very pliable, it contains a great deal of water.

How much the clay shrinks depends on the characteristics of the clay.

Highly plastic wet clays have a very fine particle size and will shrink more.

On the other hand, clays with large particles will shrink less.

S-shaped crack which occasionally appears in the bottom of wheel-thrown pots, resulting from inadequate compression of the bottom, or excessive water left in bottom. The product is designed to save as much space as possible by not projecting as far as normal into the room.

Occur most often in fine-grained, gritless clay bodies. A short projection washbasin is very narrow from front to back. In the "Description of The Country from thirty to forty miles around Manchester" by J AIKIN, MD published in June 1795 the word saggar is a corruption of the German word SCHRAGER "which signifies cases or suporters." All clays shrink. Different clay bodies experience different amounts of shrinkage.

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