Dating someone with bipolar ii

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It is a topic that has to be dealt with very gently.Let me tell you, I immediately know when I walk into a room if it has been said already.If you happen to be dating someone with bipolar disorder here are some tips to help you.The intense zeal for life or passion of your significant other may be what attracted you to them.Dating is hard enough with or without a chemical imbalance.A lot of people are heavily influenced by stigma, and get it twisted when it comes to building a romantic relationship with a girl who has a mental illness.This does not mean these actions should be condoned, and should be confronted at an appropriate time. Mental illness is a real disease, and should be treated like any other illness.

Keep this in mind when trying to get to know her on a deeper level! People with mental illness can say hurtful things or act like they don’t care, however, it is meant to protect you rather than to hurt you. Chances are you know someone at work or the gym or the neighborhood where you grew up that has it.It can be made manageable through medicine and therapy.Do not freak the moment difficulty arises in your relationship.Two chemically balanced individuals with no problems with depression, or any type of disease, still face challenges in their relationship.

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