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Viewer's Chat Interface (based on Action Script 3)This interface has been designed to be as user friendly as possible: there are 3 different screen sizes to choose from (normal, widescreen and full screen), mute and volume bar, online viewers counter and close channel.

If the streamer gets disconnected or the user closes the channel from the off button, TV-like video will play.

It's all yours ready to run within 24 business hours!Viano TVPortal is totally different than a sad freelancer story: it has been written in Code Igniter ( a world known and trusted PHP OOP framework and Doctrine( as an ORM for database communication.We have designed it with both client-side validations for a better experience and server-side validations for top security.Content-Delivery-Network Compatibility You will grow fast! With a simple configuration line, you have the ability to serve all images, SWFs and CSS files from a CDN or a web server different than the main server.Channel Embed Feature Anyone can embed channels coming from your site to their blogs or personal websites.

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