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Car rental companies such as Sixt (com) and Hertz ( are building a Libyan presence, though locations are limited and unless you're used to what might be called "ebullient" traffic, you may want to take a back seat.

Stifling Gadhafi-era group travel restrictions no longer exist, but for tourists with limited time, complicated land explorations are best made through tour operators utilizing their vehicles and drivers.

Right on the banks of the Mississippi River lays Minneapolis, one of the nation’s best-designed and best-maintained cities.

Minneapolis is home to the 5th largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies and is the primary business center in between Chicago and Seattle.

In Minnesota, one woman we were to interview died the day before we were to meet with her. • 52 percent had post-traumatic stress disorder, a rate equivalent with combat veterans.

I still feel her pain and desperation that began at such a young age and continued through decades of abuse and degradation in prostitution as an adult. A serial killer in Oklahoma has preyed on Native trafficked women. • 72 percent suffered traumatic brain injuries in prostitution.

They prey upon the vulnerabilities that exist among Native women due to centuries of systematic racism and sexism.

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” A trafficked Anishinaabe woman in her late 50s said this to me during an interview in Duluth. As one of five women who interviewed 105 Native trafficked women in Minnesota for the report “Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota,” I hear her words reverberate in my mind. Another trafficked Native woman was killed and her body dumped along Interstate 394 in Minneapolis. And more than two-thirds had relatives who were in government- and church-sponsored boarding schools, where physical and sexual violence were rampant, resulting in widespread, intergenerational disconnection from Native culture.

The story of Joanna Golden, daughter of actors Máire Ní Dhomhnaill and Geoffrey Golden, features in Missing You, a new RTE documentary about people staying in touch over long distances.

Libya was involved in the Barbary Wars of the 18th and 19th centuries.

With a young, diverse population, Minneapolis has an excellent nightlife scene and arguably the best in all of Minnesota.

Its cultured population enjoys partying, drinking, dancing, and eating at several fine restaurants, clubs, and lounges throughout the entire city.

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