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We are continuing to express concerns and suggestions.

The League, in conjunction with our Legal Defense Fund, has issued a new, insightful report that aims to help communities make that decision. This report is very much in line with the League's save MIcity messaging about the state's broken system for funding municipalities. Efforts to provide comprehensive reform tools for communities to better manage rising retiree health insurance costs were derailed and a stripped down proposal was adopted on Dec. House Bill 5298 and its identical counterpart, Senate Bill 686, served as the main vehicle of the revised package, which was scaled back to only address the few areas of concensus agreed to in the July release of the Governor's Responsible Retirement Reform for Local Government Task Force report. Read a statement from League CEO and Executive Director Dan Gilmartin here. Joseph Herald-Palladium details revenue sharing and how the state's system for funding municipalities is broken. Three bills were introduced in the House to create a structure that attempts to address the chronic underfunding of revenue sharing for local units of government.

What does independence in married life really mean? This is a definite sign he is dominating and controlling. He does not understand that he should show his love for you through his physical gestures. Married life cannot be decided by your husband alone.

Does he yell at you when the food is not ready on time? If he never realizes how shameful you feel at the insult he has inflicted on you it is a clear sign that your husband is very dominating and commanding. He is sexually demanding He wants sex when he is in the mood. To him it is an animal need and he turns over to sleep after satisfying himself. Love, respect and care makes your relationship worthy and happy. It is mutual consent and mutual love that does the trick of bringing you close to each other.

Even though you love your husband you are an individual with your own way of looking at life and doing things in a different way from his. Your husband has the right to tease you, but he cannot degrade you. Though you might obey your husband in the initial glow of your love, you soon begin to feel the pressure of being a subordinate to him. The first thing he should understand is that marriage does not take away your right to be an individual in any way.

When your liberty is crushed by your dominating and controlling husband, it makes you feel jailed in your married life. He feels irritated when you take you own decisions and do things your own way. But he can be controlling and dominating your life unknown to you. Rather nerve wracking to handle such a dominating and controlling husband, isn’t it? You hope against hope that he would change for the better and understand your wish to have some independence. Arbitrary financial decisions Does your husband discuss with you the financial decisions he has taken? Can he take it if you pass negative comments on his appearance? Demanding instant obedience Do you have to act according to his orders? This is when you feel suppressed and oppressed in your relationship. Does he feel that you should do all the household chores as it is a woman’s prerogative?

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