Dating in 8th grade

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I choose not to date because it's not like my first crush will marry me, and we will end up breaking up at some point! - Pegasister12 Exactly what happens at my school So true my friends and I made this rule don't say you have a crush on them until you've relajes and gotten to know them Ha! - Fandom_Lover Most of the boys are perverts Indeed!

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so again waste of time and useless depression when you break up : P Children at this age should be focusing on more important things in their lives. All you do is hold hands and aren't actually dating All you really do is hold hands while you walk beside each other or maybe- just maybe- you'll actually kiss, but it's rare Yep.

- nintendofan126 How does this comment have 7 thumbs up? - Puga There's some kid who looked stupid and I said the day he got his 1st girlfriend before I did was that I would consider cutting off my feet. Also that kid didn't even go out with that girl for a full day... A lot of the guys and girls and just looking for the title of "girlfriend/boyfriend". Most people at this age aren't able to make good decisions or they just act stupid.

Recently he got a girlfriend and I still haven't got one so I cut off both my feet. And they think that they are mature, they're really not. They cause you to be included in gossip When I dated a person (not going to name her), my peers caught wind, and they started watching my every move with that girl.

- Icantbelieveitsnotbutter Actually a friend of mine dated his Girlfriend for 7 years in school - KDProductions You could get in trouble In my school district, there are rules against PDA, and detention can be issued if caught.

Any "inappropriate touching" or "sending nudes" could lead to legal issues or expulsion, even if the two give each other permission.

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