Consolidating data multiple workbooks excel

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How to split Excel worksheet to separate workbooks or tabs?

Our Excel data processing series continues with the introduction of a new Excel tool.

It is not a new thing that we want to give you better and smarter tools day by day. The free Data Explorer add-in has again expanded with a great function!

How can we make statistical analyzation even simpler? Our Excel Formula Audit tool is a part of free Data XL automation add-in.

The Excel Table is relatively seldom used and underrated feature in Excel.

But in today's article we'll show you the advantages of its use.

Its biggest advantage appears when we work with a large data table.

We don’t want to get cut up in clichés but time is scares and the workload is large!

Keeping this in mind let’s start today’s lesson and by the end of the day it will be child’s play for you to handle large amount of data.

With its help we will be able to manage any size lists in a small space. Do you still remember the rule of the one-page dashboard? With this method we gain free spaces which are very valuable.

The advantage of this that we'll have more opportunities to use great charts!

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