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Since 1898, Puerto Rico has had limited representation in the United States Congress in the form of a Resident Commissioner, a nonvoting delegate. federal taxes: import and export taxes, federal commodity taxes, social security taxes, therefore contributing to the American Government. In a second question an even larger majority asked to become a state. It will demand the attention of Congress, and a definitive answer to the Puerto Rican request for change.The 110th Congress returned the Commissioner's power to vote in the Committee of the Whole, but not on matters where the vote would represent a decisive participation. presidential elections, provided they reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia and not in Puerto Rico itself. Most Puerto Rico residents do not pay federal income tax but do pay federal payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare). This is a history-making moment where voters asked to move forward." Several days after the referendum, the Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, Governor Luis Fortuño, and Governor-elect Alejandro García Padilla wrote separate letters to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, addressing the results of the voting.On Barbuda the hurricane left three people dead and 95 per cent of all the buildings on the island were either destroyed or significantly damaged.More than half of the country’s residents have been left homeless.In a 2012 status referendum a majority of voters, 54%, expressed dissatisfaction with the current political relationship. This act would provide for referendums to be held in Puerto Rico to determine the island's ultimate political status. There were 515,348 blank and invalidated ballots counted alongside the 1,363,854 ballots.

Almost all the island’s 1,800 residents were evacuated to the neighbouring Caribbean island of Antigua, and those that remained on Barbuda lashed themselves to the roofs of their properties as winds soared to over 150 miles per hour.

“God Save the Queen” (or “God Save the King”, depending on the gender of the ruling monarch) was first publicly performed in London in 1745 to support King George II after he was defeated in a battle in the Jacobean uprising that started that year.

The song was used to boost morale and the forces loyal to George II would go on to defeat the Jacobites the following year.

There are various claimants to authorship of both the words and tune, the words can be found as early as 1545, when the watchword at night was “God save the King”, the reply was “Long to reign over us.” The authorship of the melody has been claimed by many, including John Bull (the author of the earliest piece of music that resembles the work), Henry Carey, Henry Purcell, and Joseph Haydn (although he probably borrowed the tune upon hearing it in London.) There is no authorised version of the National Anthem as the words are a matter of tradition.

The anthem has also never been officially declared as the national anthem of the country, the royal anthem (as this technically is) is used as the national anthem as a matter of tradition, but this is also due to the unique constitutional situation in the United Kingdom, as the nation doesn’t have a formal constitution.

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