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"I was always concerned about spiritual growth, and moving here was definitely the most challenging, saddest, most difficult period of my life," she says.These days, Oksana speaks in fluent, beautiful Farsi and can like a local.Beyond the attraction of exotic looks, having family abroad is considered prestigious.Oksana adds that foreign women are generally thought to be humbler and less materialistic than Iranian girls.Once, when she told a sister-in-law about her difficulty adjusting, Oksana's confidante began keeping a secret handwritten log of the complaints, and later presented them at a family gathering."Imagine me sitting there, not knowing any Farsi, having to prove myself clean," Oksana says.Tehran, for all its faults, was a logical alternative.After four months, however, Yulia seems to be falling into depression.

In her previous job as a sales director for a local import/export company, Oksana says she encountered exorbitant cattiness and sexism.

She learned to read and write Farsi by taking free public classes for illiterate women, where chador-clad grandmothers would question, with a mix of curiosity and castigation, why such a bright young woman couldn't read. "It took some explaining for them to understand that I was not actually illiterate," Oksana laughs.

"Ultimately I think it was better than taking a normal language course." This somewhat untraditional path to reading and writing Farsi may not be for everyone: Oksana holds a master's degree in linguistics.

She misses home and worries that her lack of language skills excludes her from the local workforce.

Her older friend Svyeta, who hails from Kyrgyzstan, advises her in typical Russian fashion, "You will survive." But not all of the Ukrainian brides are so resigned.

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