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And while I enjoyed Nam Joo-Hyuks performance in Weightlifting Fairy, I feel he didn't carry off this character very well.

Until yesterday, I just finish watching the drama straight 3 days (ofcourse exclude time to sleep, eat, work). To point out, first of all, I'm not a kdrama addict.I was anticipating and waiting for this drama waited for Nam Joo Hyuk however........we never got see Habaek's full pontential we wanted to see his power , wanted to see him transform Shin Se-Kyung into his bride.....To the people asking why dis drama was named bride of habaek Jhalduro,its cause this was adapted from a manhwa named the bride of the water god n i honestly dunno why they changed the storyline when it was so amazing Awesome drama but i expect too much.Im totally not happy with the ending, coz in the end if you think, so ah will die, maybe they let joo hyuk to use his powers to make so ah his bride forever hahaha. But i like the cinematography of this drama the best overall its awesome but the story i dont think so lol.

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