Cera and yi dating

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10, 2009] It is kind of a bummer about the timing of the breakup, but the guy is 21 years old.

As cute a couple as Charlyne and Michael were, did she really think they were going to last forever? It’s normal for him to want to see what’s out there, especially now that women are actually giving him the time of day. Most of the time when a guy dumps you, you can go on with your life and not have to see him again.

Anyway, this whole second statement from Cross is utter garbage.

The 32-year-old actress spilled the beans on Wednesday when she joined Ru Paul and Michelle Visage's podcast, What the Tee, admitting that she and the 28-year-old Superbad star nearly got married in Vegas.

In kind of sad news about some up-and-comers, nerdy heart-throb Michael Cera, star of “Juno” and “Arrested Development,” has broken up with his longterm girlfriend, Charlyne Yi.

The couple have been together for three years and made a film together called “Paper Heart,” which is set for release on August 14.

But on the flip side: ladies who love nerdy guys will be thrilled to know that he’s available. Michael Cera has dumped his longtime love Charlyne Yi, 23 – just as the co-stars are beginning a lengthy promotional campaign for their comedy Paper Heart. “And the breakup is so much harder because she’ll have to see him on tour.” The three-year relationship fell victim to Michael’s skyrocketing career, says the source.

Yi said this happened ten years ago, and people figured out that it happened when she was dating Michael Cera, and Cera must have introduced them.

Cross’s first statements, in reaction to Yi’s story, were not good.

I’ve met many people who lived their lives Method-acting as racist a–holes, I guess. David Cross’s defense is that Yi and Michael Cera (presumably) never said anything about it.

Like, Cross thinks that’s a good defense, that you can get away with saying racist sh-t and if your victim doesn’t call you out on it, it’s not your fault, man.

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