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Thirty-one Messianic Jews honored him at his funeral in Jerusalem in the nineteenth century.Israeli-born (Sabra) Jewish seeker of enlightenment became a student of Oriental philosophy and acupuncture. His testimony is available at: (1860-1929) born in Bucharest, Romania, went to Jewish Seminary in Hanover, Germany, traveled to the United States, and married a Catholic wife whom he met in transit.He writes an autobiography in 1977, Philosopher at Large, but writes another 15 years later (A Second Look in the Rearview Mirror: Further Autobiographical Reflections of a Philosopher at Large) that explains his conversion to Christianity. "In fact, I believe Christianity is the only logical, consistent faith in the world." But that doesn't mean that Christianity is without mystery.Adler asks, "What's the point of revelation if we could figure it out ourselves?

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A long-time professor at the University of Chicago, he pushes for a "great books" and "great ideas" curriculum and writes semi-popular works such as How to Read a Book (1940), The Common Sense of Politics (1971), and Six Great Ideas (1981).

She published essays on the Russian Orthodox spiritual tradition and did her doctorate on 19 th century Russian theologian Alexander Bukharev.

Commenting on Gal , “There is no such thing as Jew and Greek, slave and freemen; male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”, she wrote, “This proclamation of Paul, which does not abolish the differences but does away with all the contempt and enmity that may exist between them, has resounded through the centuries…

If it were wholly comprehensible then it would be just another philosophy." (1799-?

), German rabbi baptized in 1825 after concluding that rabbis had concealed the truth about Jesus; seven years later he becomes Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature at King's College, London.

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