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Since 2015, Saturn has been hammering Sagittarius-themed reality checks, forcing us to examine our excessive behaviors, question traditional institutions, and challenge our faith.However, when the tough love planet glides into stoic Capricorn on December 19, their pursuits are properly aligned: Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn — the earth sign associated with responsibility and professional achievements — so over the next three years (until December 17, 2020), we will learn how to achieve our goals through hard work and perseverance.Don’t be surprised if you receive shocking information about your friends over the weekend…but try to avoid the grapevine, cosmic warrior. On Saturday, December 9, Mars (the planet of action) enters the elusive Scorpio constellation.Before Pluto was discovered in 1930, Mars ruled Scorpio: This shadow-dwelling zodiac sign’s relentlessness mirrors Mars’ fierce determination.

Also on Sunday, December 3, a full moon occurs in the Gemini constellation.

But early on Christmas morning (Monday, December 25), your mistletoe vibes may be a bit more reserved when Venus joins the sun, Saturn, and Pluto in serious Capricorn.

When Venus moves into the earth sign notorious for its “all work, no play” attitude, our relationships become equally pragmatic.

If you’re attached, be careful not to treat your lover like your assistant. Make sure you’re not feigning interest for opportunistic intentions.

People have December kicks off with an exciting and adventurous energy as Venus — the planet of love and beauty — joins the sun in like-minded Sagittarius on Friday, December 1.

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