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Practice as Research (conference), Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung, Medical School Hamburg (MSH), Department für Kunst, Gesellschaft und Gesundheit, Hamburg.

Research residency within the ‘Emotional improvisation’ research project. 7-20 March 2016 Presentation and performance: Andrew Wass dance, Simon Rose baritone saxophone.

Ayleresque vibrancy, honks and controlled shrieks are tempered by multiphonics akin to those of more recent John Butcher ventures, the overtones finally pervading the texture, themselves forming shards of sub melody.

Beyond all that I never knew a D-flat could contain so many colours, returning at the end of the piece with new clarity.

The mushy trills of ‘Wind Conditions’ exemplify just how much can be contained in a small interval, whether in pitch or timbral space.We think our information is right, but if you think otherwise then send us a message about it. This is a good result, but there might be things that you want to improve or fix.Scroll down for the list of urls of useful tools to monitor an analyze Fell seems to revel in this setting where, like his trios with drummer Paul Hession, he gets to flex within the context of explosive group playing.Even here, though, his keen ear toward careful placement and balance of timbres and density comes through. Here is a player who has absorbed the extended reed techniques of free improvisation, and channeled those rippling waves into a focused approach to phrasing and pacing that never falls in to showcasing or bluster.’ Michael Rosenstein, SIGNAL TO NOISE, ‘The trio's newest offering is concentrated and expansive, tipping the nod to multiple influences with a series of microhistorical moments that still exude unified individuality.

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