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If you back up your phone, Signal doesn't store a copy of your messages, either. Aside from its cool name and funky design, Frozen Chat also offers end-to-end encryption with OTR (Off the Record) messaging.

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the mobile phone numbers of your contacts, the number and time of messages and so on.

Most importantly Silence is open source so experts can check that its code is free of vulnerabilities, deliberate backdoors or other sneaky stuff.

This app comes from the good people at Silent Circle – industry leaders in mobile security (and makers of the Blackphone).

In April last year, Whats App enabled end-to-end encryption across all platforms, meaning conversations can't be read by anyone but you and the person you're messaging.

Not only are your chats protected, but Whats App provides a security code so you can verify that someone isn't intercepting your messages and passing them on (this is called a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack).

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