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Premiere: Munich, Germany: Royal Court and National Theatre, 6/10/1865.

Premiere (as an opera): Salzburg: Landes Theatre, 8/15/1948.

Precession is the wobbling of Earth on its axis, like a spinning top as it slows down, over long periods of time.

This wobbling is on a 26,000 year cycle, and causes the stars to appear to move across the sky.

Take a walk along the sand and marvel at this picturesque environment.

Northern Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the country, home to many different species of flora and fauna.

Bradley Schafer of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge combined data from the precession cycles with measurements he took of 70 positions on the globe and used a mathematical model to determine what point in time the Atlas's sky globe represents.

[Anonymous.] "Arta Ef A Dhe" ("He Shall Come Again").

Premiere: Kassel, Germany: Hoftheater, Summer 1812. Like the Arquier work, this is a resetting of Favart's libretto for Duni's opera.

Scientists have been able to match the constellations shown on the globe with descriptions from Hipparchus's only surviving work, , and have concluded that this is a marble copy of his star catalog.

Hipparchus, who was Greek, was one of the greatest of the ancient astronomers and did his most important work between 140-125 BC.

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